Baby loves to run.

Growing up we all dream about the day we will meet our prince charming and have our dream wedding. As we get older, we soon realize that it’s not always that easy. Each person we date and fall for, we think; I love him so much he is the one, it’s different this time. Some how it’s not always the case. Someone is always in it more than the other person or has issues they blame everything for and it ends. I will never understand why everyone puts so much into finding their match so fast that they lose their self completely without even knowing it. I have had my fair share of broken hearts, boyfriends I thought I loved and I was devastated after each break up. Thought that pain would never go away, that I wouldn’t be able to peel myself off the ground to face the next day. Well I’ve gotten through all of them and I’m still kicking.

Being 24 thinking you have your life on track, happy with yourself and you finally think you know what you want, you find it, and just end up nit-picking at the person. Searching for their imperfections in any way and try to destroy the relationship. Does love really conquer all? Does forever really exist? I’ve seen my girlfriends go through the ups and downs of relationships and broken hearts. It always seems that the women take it harder than men. I thought I had what I wanted once, got married on a whim and come to find out I was more unhappy than anything. It is true what they say; If you don’t love yourself and you’re not happy with who you are, you really can’t give your heart to another person with out hurt and hardships to be involved. All men care about is one thing, yes sadly its true, their selves and getting what they want. Some women seem to think if they just throw it out there, they will be loved by all the men and yes they will, but in all the wrongs ways. They will never be respected because they don’t respect themselves to begin with and those women will always be the ones left hurt, alone and swearing off all men each time they get burned.

I’ve never had more respect or love for myself today than I have had in my adult life so far. Each time I get back up, dust myself off and take a jump, leap and a skip right back into faith of falling in love. The best way to take that crazy ride and find love is to have your girlfriends to get you through it all. The best thing in life is your true friends that will make you laugh and help you remember who you truly are as a person. Everyone always asks the question, “Why me?” There is no right answer for why we go through the things we do in life. Everything happens for a reason right? We will never know that reason. You just have to roll with the punches, put yourself on the right path in life and everything else will fall into its place. We get hurt to feel the pain to know we are alive and to become stronger and most importantly LEARN from each mistake.

Relationships are always just a game. When you first start to date its the cat and mouse game. Who will call who first, who will make the first move and always playing hard to get. The “chase” is what it’s all about, everyone wants what they cannot have, but what happens when you get what you want? You choose to start a relationship give this person your heart and trust them not to hurt you. Then the what ifs start rolling through your head; “Do I really want to trust this person not to hurt me?” Once in the relationship, there is this balance of still trying to be independent and not losing yourself in the moment to make it fail. To keep your friendships and relationships strong yet still be able to focus on yourself. Once you have the great relationship, the marriage card comes into play. Do you want a family with this person to grow old with this person. It truly is work. People cheat, lie, steal, for what reasons? Are we all really that scared, so guarded to push people off and think everyone is just an asshole, that we don’t even realize that we are the ones being an asshole. We live for today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. But for the now, for that moment. I still don’t know what my future holds, but that’s all part of the fun. Being scared makes me realize I don’t really have control over what happens or whats to come, I am completely fine with that. I can choose my path in life and put myself on a good track, whatever happens, happens.

When you find love, or find your happiness with someone, there will always be something that holds someone back, past issues, family issues, anything. You could be in love with someone and they wont even know it. So do you never tell them, because you are too scared? Or tell them with the fear of being rejected, but faith of having that happiness. I strongly believe you should always say how you feel, don’t hold back for anything, have no regrets and be happy with yourself for being a good person and knowing you are good enough. When people cheat, we automatically blame ourselves, start nit-picking at all the little flaws we think we have, what did I do wrong? Am I not good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough and so on. It’s never really because of us, it’s the other person that has issues with their own self. The pain we go through will be worth it for the right person. If you’re not willing to fight for something that makes you happy, then what ARE you willing to fight for?

Every girl I’ve known growing up has been crushed and gone through pain just like the rest of us. Getting married young, finally thinking we figured it out, found our soul mate and start a family. Then the cycle starts all over. Everything we have gone through and pushed aside comes to surface, we just hide it with the now moments that put a smile on our face. Even after the hurt I’ve been through, I always think I’ll never do it again, but I do. I never take a moment to sit still and look at myself. I am constantly on the go on the UP and UP. I’m always looking to take care of the other person. But what about me?

People say being selfish is a horrible thing, but it really isn’t to a certain extent. We need to be selfish for ourselves every once in a while. Us girls deserve it. To think how each person is SO completely different from the next, from how we have grown up, to what we believe is right and wrong. Some how, we ALL go through the same things and have the SAME stories. The most important thing in life is to know what our life is really about. To have no regrets never have to look back and think what if. We all want to be successful and live an amazing life, but we don’t always get it handed to us with the cards we are dealt. Some how we get by and make it through. If you’re happy with what you are doing then that is all that matters in the end.

-Kathryn Lauren