Your Beauty Questions Answered!

Since I haven’t blogged in awhile I thought I’d share some things I learned about a couple different products. I always hear people talk about their Acne, Dark circles, HUGE pores and even having a lot of redness in their face. I did my research and come across a couple different solutions to those problems. Having a lot of acne isn’t uncommon for a lot of people. It can be just bad genes, crazy hormones, stress related of even caused from the foods you’re eating. Olay Pro X clear can be found at any local drug store for under $50 dollars. It contains salicylic acid that cleans and hydrates the skin. Sometimes we don’t always clean our face as much as we think, every time we touch something with our hands and find ourselves touching our face after, well germs just got transferred to an area of your face. I know I am guilty of that, that is the main cause of getting an irritating pimple in a random spot. If you’re one of the women with dark purple circles around your eyes blaming it on lack of sleep, here is something you can try. Yes sleep is a main case to the lovely circles around our eyes, but aging is another reason. As we age the skin thins, allowing the underlying blood vessels to show through there for leaving the look of the purple eye. Try cutting back on high sodium foods or a lot of alcohol. Yes I said it, Alcohol. Alcohol is a blood thinner, also can make your blood vessels more visible. So toning it down on Happy Hour could help the problem. Make-up solution, try Dior capture Totale multi-Perfection eye treatment. Can be found on for around $85 dollars. I know a little much, but costs less than having work done on your face later in life. Are you a pore picker? Always up close and personal with your face after a shower checking out those black heads? I know I am! As we know, Pores are the entryways to our sweat and oil glands, but when skin cells and sebum collect inside, this causes the tiny openings to swell and darken, giving it that black head look. Best fix for this, try using a face mask at least once a week to get rid of the weeks gunk off your face. Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Treatment $48 dollars found at Sephora. Or any face mask found at your nearest drug store. If you have sensitive skin, you need to look out for certain ingredients that will irritate your face such as an acid or even witch hazel, which I use on a lot of my Brides. A couple Brides that I have come across when I did their makeup for their Wedding day and have a lot of redness in their face. They always ask me what I suggest to help them with this problem, yes the obvious fix is makeup but to help it go away and get under control you need to turn to the professionals for some skin treatment. Redness can be from simply having sensitive skin or maybe a bad reaction to a product you’re using on your face. Clinique redness solutions instant relief mineral pressed powder $33 check out This has caffeine and magnolia bark which take down the heat that accompanies flushing of the skin. Also this product has a yellow tint that covers the redness of the face. If you need something a little stronger to help try Bremenn Research Labs Facial Redness Rehab $59 Dollars, It has plant-based skin soothers to help quell redness over time. I hope that information helps!

-K.L xoxo